Dorset’s Finest

Some really lovely new foods have arrived in Dorset from amazing producers, i am now being sent samples of these which are ranging from, Wasabi which is being grown in Dorset, just down the road in Dorchester, fresh wasabi is never seen in this country, however The Wasabi Company are growing fresh the taste is sweet with a real fiery heat, but be warned do not get too close to have a sniff as it really does wake up those sinuses!!!  Laverstoke park have sent out samples of a new buffalo blue cheese, tasted this today and its creamy, slightly acidic, fantastic flavour as are all their dairy products i have tested, for something a little different they really have to be tried.

Got some fantastic fresh fish arriving tomorrow, red mullet and ling, both are fantastic fish, i will be doing grilled fillets of red mullet over a spicy, but fresh Lebanese salad with tomatoes, cucumber, coriander, garlic and a few other ingredients set off with a nice kick of fresh lime juice and the ling will be served simply poached in buffalo milk which really adds a richness to the fish, then a fresh parsley sauce, spinach mash and pimiento….

Outside Catering in Dorset

Outside catering has strong competition, especially in Dorset! So you have to keep ahead of the game and keep things moving all the time, here are a few of my new ideas, let me know if you are interested.  Chocolate fondant with honeycomb ice cream, bee pollen and mango, fresh crab cigars with chilli, yoghurt and coriander, poached salmon, sauce vert, sea asparagus, fresh crab with pea and mint panna cotta, chicken stuffed with a wild garlic mousse.  All of these and more are on offer at this time of year and lots more are being develloped.  Will be offering desserts for parties which are finished and made in front of the guest, basically a modern sharing platter for the guest to deconstruct themselves!  We are calling it table art.  My interpretation of a great idea introduced at a  favourite restaurant of mine in Chicago called Alinea.  Contact me if you maybe interested, you may even be the first!!!!


Dorset Chefs Forum

Big thanks to those at Dorset Chefs Forum for inviting me to become a member, looking forward to working with you all…….

Spring Treats

Took a trip to Evershot on monday and was faced by an abundance of baby leaf wild garlic, now that to a chef is a real treat! Since then I have been using it in pesto, mousseline, yoghurt dip.  The list goes on, it really is a great herb and best of all its free and all around us at this time of year.  If you fancy some wild garlic pesto give me a shout, why not freeze some down in ice cube trays ready for those summer BBQ’s?  A real spring treat!


Very busy day!

Catering successfully completed at a wake for 80 people. Treats served and enjoyed by all included toffee apples, assorted verrines, mille feuille and lots more…. (Some pictures to follow)

Spring is surely on its way!

I have managed to get hold of some excellent produce lately thanks to great local suppliers, from line caught wild bass and scallops from Sarah at Samways in Bridport, to fantastic meat thanks to my local butchers based in Milborne Port – Wayne Pullen and his trusted and talented assistant Kelly! Continue reading

My dream has finally become reality!

My dream has finally become reality!  I can honestly say I am the proud owner of a professional, passionate and dedicated outside catering company, which I hope will stand out from the rest, being able to offer clientele what they are looking for at a reasonable price. Continue reading